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2010-09-10 13:55:17 by flunkedy

so much stuff happening right now
working on 2 projects
finally got music off of the amazing KKSlider60
for generico episode 2 so we're going to start putting loads of hours into that soon expect really high quality ^.^
I'm also working on another project which hopefully turns out good only have the story board and the first sequence done on that so yeah expect that in a month or so
I'm starting work on a halloween flash soon also so that might happen dunno yet
moving to college this weekend all my stuff is packed up and the pc is being packed away dunno if i'll have internet for a bit so no newgrounds perhaps :/
not that anybody reads these or cares anyway :D
but eh yeah stay cools


2010-04-23 18:13:52 by flunkedy

other projects
starting voice acting for generico news episode 2 tomorrows
got a really cool concept that you won't see up here but may go on my deviant art
i'm working on a music video for weezers el scorcho (the 8bit version)
I have a stop motion movie along with another cartoon which i'll start this summer which should be good
and i'm working on a comic boook too!

got scouted YEAHHH

2010-02-18 09:15:42 by flunkedy

yeah just got scouted for the art portal made my day
should be finished the main animating for space oddity my big flash project that hopefully i can get into college with ^.^ (along with the rest of my portfolio ofc)
just submitted a terrible animation as part of a collab

mines the one with the silhoetted ninja running and stuff
only a few hours effort went into it might use bits of it as part of a show reel perhaps
lots of work to be done but I'm addicted to newgrounds
this skull dedicated to http://princeflea.newgrounds.com/ PrinceFlea who scouted me ^.^

got scouted YEAHHH

Christmas and otherstuffs

2009-12-27 14:05:43 by flunkedy

ooooh sooo much stuff
-lotsa art I've been doing so many sketches and whatnot of my sheep skull for my portfolio
drawings in my sketch book storyboard for my cowboy flash ceramic 3d piece
I finished my 3d robot piece and it shall be up within the month (i'm lazy)
finished animatic LINK for the first part of space oddity and i have started the final edit
-for christmas i got new phone ^.^ which has wifi and a qwerty keyboard! lots and lots of chocolate
-for my birthday i got new diabolo and had massive session party which was goooood and i'm wrecked

playing abes oddysee
eating xmas dinner listening to
romance is boring by los campesinos
and reading still life with woodpecker

i promise i'll upload some stuff..

.....thats if anybody reads this
merry consumerism!!
this is a merry grokmas monster

Christmas and otherstuffs


2009-11-12 18:07:12 by flunkedy

my first walking sequence (that looks okay)
it's a walking keytar http://www.swfcabin.com/open/125806484 1

really happy with this


2009-10-30 16:38:50 by flunkedy

a new lil animation I uploaded to the interwebs!
http://sirfiachraface.deviantart.com/a rt/Worried-Whale-141957066
it's gonna be used in my flash I'm working on at the moment a sort of sequel to odd really odd
it's early daze still but it's loookin pretty good ^.^
I'm must start working on space oddity again

dunno why i bother posting this nobody reads em :'(


2009-08-26 15:51:19 by flunkedy

here's a black hole i designed for my latest flash
the flash which I've slowly being working on is still only a rough animatic but with backgrounds and some other stuff here's the black hole I did earlier for it
http://www.swfcabin.com/open/125131434 5
I'm very happy with it :D

I've finally STARTED!

2009-06-19 17:14:08 by flunkedy

my storyboard is finished I've started I've filmed all the film bits and now I'm starting the animation!
should be done in a few months :S
but it's gonnna be epic
also yay art portaaal

Oh no!

2009-02-01 20:07:03 by flunkedy

finally done
everyone seems to like it (y)
i start storyboard for latest flash tomorrow!
much better animation and storyline
it's a space adventure mixing video and animation!

New flash I need I deas

2007-11-09 15:51:53 by flunkedy

Its got a pipe in it so far